“Thurston the Great Magician” Stage Magic Posters

Poster; Thurston, ghosts, demons
Poster for Thurston the Great (Howard Thurston) magic show.

Howard Thurston, also known as “Thurston the Great Magician” was a popular stage magician during the early 20th Century (Encyclopaedia Britannica).  In regards to this collection his event posters depicting ghosts, spirits and demons are most notable.

You can find select posters all over the internet, but if you visit the Library of Congress online, there is a whole collection available for viewing.  My favourite is the poster for “The Wonder Show of the Universe,” shown to the left.

If you’re in NYC any time soon you can visit the current exhibit at the Morbid Anatomy Museum to learn more about the connection between stage magic and spiritualism during the early 20th Century, while also getting a chance to see some of these posters in person.

Dublin Core Metadata

Title: Thurston the great magician and the wonder show of the universe.

Creator: Otis Lithograph Co.

Subject: “Thurston, Howard, 1869-1936” “magicians” “ghosts” “demons”

Description: Event poster for stage magician Thurston the great magician

Date: [191-]

Type: image

Format: jpg

Source: Library of Congress. Retrieved from http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2014636959/

Language: English

Rights: No known restrictions on publication.




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